A boat survey is a tool that protects consumers who need to make a variety of decisions or to demonstrate the boat’s fitness for a variety of legal purposes.
For example, if you want to buy a foreign boat, you might need custom surveying for tax purposes.  

Reeve Marine is an independent company committed to giving boat lovers the most reliable information about any vessel we survey. One service we perform often is the Condition and Value Survey.
This document assures the recipient of the boat’s current value and the status of all systems. Some boats might be worth more due to their age and make, for example, but they are damaged because the
previous owner did not perform adequate maintenance. 

Because taking a boat out on water is risky, consumers want to ensure their boat is safe. With a survey, you get a third party’s fair evaluation. More importantly, you discover the boat’s needs
for repair and maintenance. These concerns need to be addressed before the boat is in tip-top shape.

With two locations, Reeve Marine has positioned itself to deliver a variety of marine consulting services. We provide convenient services to parties in both Florida and South Carolina. That means if you
seek a Florida Marine Consultant or a Charleston Marine Consultant, please contact us at 561-747-5493 or 561-758-1310. We have answers to your questions.  

Reeve Marine believes customers needs a strong starting point before making a serious decision about a boat. When you pay a boat surveyor, you want to know the actual condition of the boat,
 including the structural or mechanical problems the last owner does not want you to discover.  

Our website is a good starting point for building great relationships! We take pride in responding to customers with diverse needs. Each client presents an opportunity to share our love of boats. 

As a Florida Marine Surveyor and Charleston Marine Surveyor, Reeve Marine performs a variety of surveys. In Florida from our Tequesta location, we perform Florida Marine Surveys,
Florida Boat Surveys, Florida Vessel Surveys, Florida Foreign Vessel Surveys, and Florida Foreign Vessel Surveys. Each boat inspection or survey provides the customer with a professional review of the boat’s quality.

Our Charleston branch handles special cases related to insurance, financing, and divorce. If you need a boat surveyor in Charleston, ask us how much it would cost to examine a boat.
We offer reasonable prices for consulting. Our professionals conduct Charleston Marine Surveys, Charleston Boat Surveys, Charleston Vessel Surveys, and Charleston Foreign Vessel Surveys.

We appreciate your consideration of Reeve Marine for boat consulting services.

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